23 August 2012

Thankful Thursday idiot style

Oh boy.  Been in ancestry mode this week and not looking at much else, including my blog.

I have just caught myself up on the Todd Akin (also here and here) stories regarding women and rape.  It would seem Mitt Romney has a bit of a shit storm on his hands, although I am not sure he would be far from believing much of what is being said.

However, I am not going to bang on about the state of the USA politics.

What all this has done is make me thankful for our relatively tame bunch of idiots politicians in Australia.  This week Tony Abbott had to go stand in a corner for being naughty and not doing as he was told by the lady teacher.  We know he is a fuck-knuckle but (dare I say it)  he is tame compared to the Akin's of the world.
So thankful I am for our idiots.

love that i get an image when I google a word like fuck-knuckle

Joining Kate who says stuff who has had a blog facelift so go check it out

Thankful Thursday

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AParentingLife said...

That is the coolest term I have heard for a long time. Running off to find someone to call a f--- knuckle I just love it!