23 November 2013

Doing nothing takes up so much time!

Our two yearly monitoring visit is due.  I haven't stressed at all this time as I remember documenting the last one and seeing just how much we actually do!

I think as we've travelled down our home-ed road we've become more inclined to unschool.  Although, I would still have to say we are eclectic in our approach as we still do the occasional work sheet and project.  I am sure the kids wouldn't do any academics if it was up to them though.

It's funny because we often get asked what we have been up to and the general answer is "oh, not much".  When I go to list it all I realise that we are so wrong to give that answer.  We lead a really busy life for three people who don't do much.  Soooo, in keeping with our last update in November 2011, here is our list of not much.  I am sure I have forgotten more activities over the past two years.  Some of these have been done at home with just us while others have been done with our Launceston Home Ed Group.  To differentiate between the two I have inserted an * in front of the group activities.

Live Performances

*TSO Trick or Treat Concert  
*Pip and Pooch – Terrapin Puppet Theatre
*Sleeping Horses Lie- Terrapin Puppet Theatre Performance
*Shadow Dreams  - Terrapin Theatre Performance
*The Music Man - PCYC Production
*Beauty and the Beast by PCYC Production
*Oklahoma - PCYC Production
*Xanadu – Newstead College
Circus Quirkus
Australian's All - Scottsdale Primary School production


 Nature world (Bicheno)
 Screen World (Melbourne)

Werribee Open Plains Zoo (Victoria)
Geelong Wool Museum (Victoria)

Oatlands History Room/Archaeology open day -tours, displays and workshops

Launceston museum and art gallery
*Gorge Tour and plant workshop

*Springfield Hatcheries Fish Farm - tour of the farm
Hobart Museum
Cascades Female Factory - tour
*Tasmanian Aboriginal Elders' Centre - Displays, photos and talk.
*Trevallyn Power Station -tour
*Australian Electoral Commission Visit - An interactive presentation by the AEC on how our electoral system works, including participation in a mock election.

*Bureau of Metrology - presentation on how weather works.
*Seed Planting Day  - workshop and seed planting activity for Urban Farm Tasmania
*Archaeology dig – Workshop and dig at Woodhall farm

*Signal Box Painting – community arts project with Launceston Council
*Science with CSIRO - Minibeasts and Lifecycles
*Hagley Farm School Visit 
*Tree Planting Day - plant native trees and shrubs.  Walk along the riverbank, tour the shearing shed at Woodhall Farm.
*RSPCA Centre - tour and dog walking
*Windmill Hill Semaphore Station
*Delta Dog Safe Presentation

*Bravehearts child safety presentation

*Snakes with Ian Norton – Tas Reptile Rescue
Junction Arts festival 2012/2013
Tall Ship's Festival - Hobart 2013
East Coast Heritage Museum - Swansea.  
Launceston Lego exhibit
Zoo Doo - Richmond
Anzac Day participation (Nienna - girl guide activity)
Georgetown Maritime Museum
Scottsdale Forest Eco Centre
Derby Mine Museum
Migrant resource centre multicultural day
Gourlays lolly making shop
Scienceworks Museum - Williamstow, Victoria
Ross Female Factory
Inveresk Tram and Rail Museum
Glenconnel farm - watch the shearing

Taikwondo (2x weekly)

Girl guides (Nienna, no longer attending)

Launceston aquatic centre visits

*Launceston bike and road awareness centre
blueberry picking
*Games in the park
*Home ed 3 day camp - Carnacoo 2012/2013

*Home ed 3 day camp - Liffey Falls 2013
Family and friends camp - 2 day - Carnacoo 2013
*Treasure Island play centre
*Tailrace play centre

*Drama workshop

*Beaconsfield skate park
*Trevallyn dam reserve 
Royal park fitness park

Gorge walks
*Fun and Games at PCYC
Launceston Aquatic Centre
*Heritage Forest Park – Home Ed week.  Combined celebration with Thursday home ed group
*Myrtle Park Recreational Park
*Beaconsfield Skate Park & Nature Hunt
*Punchbowl Reserve
*Sports Day
*Halloween and Bonfire Night
*Baseball and picnic – Trevallyn Reserve
*Family Disco Night
RSPCA -weekly dog walking (family volunteering) 
Dry ice skating in Hobart
Participating in climate change rally
Participating in Asylum Seeker rallies


*egg dying

*easter ornaments
season table
costume design for halloween
*Science show and tell day
*Team building games and 'get to know you' activities
*Show and tell day
planning and planting veg garden
writing poems
lego play
mini plays
Boardgames and more boardgames
dying wool and felt

CSIRO Double Helix science club
CSIRO Math club
*Photography / Picture Day
*Circus Day
*Jonathan Bowden Studio – Pottery art class
*Math games day
*Art with Mark -Chrome  & Silhouette art
*Easter Fun Day
*Garden of Vegan Cooking Day
*Thank You Cards – card making day.
*Djembe drumming with Diane Hayes
*Pumpkin carving
*Christmas Candle making and craft
Postcrossing Project
Flat Stanley Project
Jigsaw Puzzles
Time Line project
Japanese Paper marbling
Textile group (Nienna)
Urban Farm Tasmania volunteers
Lantern making
craft/cookery competition at Scottsdale show

Australia Girl series
My Place book and tv series
Little House on the Prairie series - books and tv series
Horrible Histories-books and tv series
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
various Jackie French books
Charlie Carter - Battle Boy series
Percy Jackson series
many more books as required for research and interest based studies.

Australian politics - including letter writing to politicians
Food labelling
Ocean/sea creatures
Holiday recollections
Personal timeline
Australian timeline
World history time line
various art works
geographical research
Aboriginal history
Architectural design- drawing floor plans and creating buildings on minecraft.
3D shapes
Poetry writing
Stop motion film making
Short film production
Endangered animals
Art Folders
Coordinating a market stall for fund raising with Guides (Nienna)

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