22 November 2013

This week's learning in pictures

Our week started with a trip to Low Head, East Beach.  It was a stunning day, spent with three other home ed families.  The kids swam, climbed the dunes and boogie boarded down them again!  

Used some hama beads and make some Dr Who merchandise.  They turned out great and are ready for the big viewing on Sunday.

At home ed group on Wednesday we had a christmas craft day.  We decorated small candles, ornaments, pine cones and made pure beeswax candles.

There is a launceston 'whovian' group who have come together to get their geek on.  This past week they gathered at Launceston Fullers Bookshop and had a great time sharing stories, costumes and hardware.  We went along today to check out the daleks, tardis and k9, who are visiting until Christmas.

We made white dough christmas ornaments.   This is a simple recipe of 1c bi-carb soda, 1/2 c cornflour, 3/4 c warm water.   Heat through on stove top until it forms a playdough consistency.  When cooled enough to work with, knead gently then roll out and decorate or leave white to paint later.   Bake at 100c for about an hour.  I found it dried out quite fast when working with it but it is lovely and white compared to regular salt dough.

In between all of these activities we have been reading, doing some math online (to check out the site for a possible activity next year), writing some christmas lists and having loads of discussions on everything possible!

What have you done this week??

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