30 December 2013

Veggie madness

With the madness of christmas over and a few sunny days we are starting to harvest more and more from our little garden.  I only wish I had more space for vegetables!

 Peas are going great guns.  We have been picking loads every night.  There is one poor little bean plant that I should have planted separately as it isn't doing well at all.  but the peas, oh the peas.


In the front garden I ripped out flowers and weeds and planted lettuce, silverbeat, two types of kale, broccoli and cauliflower.  They are all doing well and I have used heaps of kale already.  I love that I can cut leaves off and it keeps growing.  I had mini cos lettuce in and used most of it so now have an empty spot.   Some iceberg is growing on the grass side of the patch.  Also have sun flowers dotted throughout.

Down the side of the driveway there are three tomato plants, corn, zucchini, sunflowers and basil that we have already had a meal of pesto from.  I am hoping they will keep growing though.  I think I will plant some more in this space as we love fresh pesto.  There are also a few beetroot plants almost ready to harvest in here as well.

Out the back in styrofoam boxes there are tomatos, beetroot and herbs.  Tomatoes aren't really big but are already fairly full of fruit so I hope we get enough warm days to help them along.  My strawberries are keeping the birds healthy too!

I love having a garden and the kids love picking food to eat too.  Such a beautiful time in the evenings when we are all outside, seeing what is ready to pick, watering, weeding and chatting.


Christina Mathewson said...

I love the front gardening planting.

kellischultz said...

I wish I could do the whole front lawn