06 December 2013

This week at home ed

This week has been a little less frantic and we are winding back a bit.

We didn't go to home ed group this week as the day changed and we had other commitments.  The weather this week has been spectacularly weird so our activities have been dependent on what is happening.

we have done a spot of swimming at Riverside Pool

Harvested some peas from the garden

went geocaching and had a play in the park at Perth, on the same day we went to Utsi cafe for a cuppa with my parents and then continued on to the Simmons Plains farm to catch up with another home ed family.  The kids had a great time exploring the large farm and shooting footage for a short film with their friend Isaac.

Plus, plenty of free time in the sun to just hang out together and play.

We also had our monitor visit from the gorgeous Sandra.  I do like this visit as it reminds we that we are on the right track, that we do plenty and the kids learn so much just from having the freedom to learn what, how and when.  We are truly blessed to live the life we have.

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