02 August 2009

Been busy as usual

Have been plugging away at Lark for Beren. This is to be a hoody vest and he wants green trim. Beautiful wool I got from the Bendigo Wool Mills last month!
Also been doing some spring cleaning/sorting/tidying/taking advantage of children not being home LOL
I had originally had a corner for their drawing stuff etc but it was becoming a dumping ground for all toys and other crap so I have reclaimed the loungeroom.

I have converted their beds to bunks for more room, and bought some underbed storage boxes.
Rearranged their shelves so they can see and find everything and am bracing myself for the barrage of complaints that will no doubt ensue. I think I will tell them to put them in writing to management. :)
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Eilleen said...

Wow! You have been really busy! Huge pat on the back for getting it all done! (On top of everything else you do). It must feel great having everything organised.

Belinda said...

Hi Kebeni,

I have a little award sitting on my blog for you.


Kind Regards