17 June 2010

Our first week

This was a short week due to school holidays, an exam and a visit to dad. We still achieved quite a bit though.
I thought I would record our weeks activities on here and I am sure they will bore you silly but too bad LOL
Tuesday: recipe hunt and cooking. See post below and a game of anagrams that I changed the rules in to suit abilities more.
Wednesday: english made easy lv 3 workbook - one page
Went to home ed group. A couple of boys talked about their trip to Cambodia with their church and the kids pretty much played outside afterwards. I was really proud of Beren for managing to play soccer with some boys for an hour. The first hour he literally clung to me but later he worked up the courage to go mix. The kids there were really welcoming and friendly so that did help. I am sure he will start to develop great social skills now he is more relaxed and not at school.
Made the science growing experiment in previous post.
Thursday: trip to library - got some reading books and a math and english cd-rom and science dvd. (all his choosing!)
We went to the supermarket and did a crash course in weights.
Did 2 pages in lv3 Math made easy workbook.
I am glad I got the grade 3 workbooks as I knew he was above the grade 2 level despite being in grade 2. He blitzed the math pages today.
Beren played a math cd-rom for a bit and some pokemon on his ds.

Our schedule is pretty relaxed and flexible. On Tuesdays and Thursday Beren will go to his dad so I can study and be at uni if I need to. He will concentrate on more sciency type stuff with him too. He will still go to cubs and also wants to have a go at the golf clinic at the local golf club.

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