04 June 2012

to medicate or not medicate, that is the question

Well  not really.  I have made the decision to not medicate and see how I go.
I don't expect it to be easy.
It will probably be  a bit messy.
The fact that anti-depressants look like smarties compared to anti-psychotics was a significant factor in this decision.
Also anti-d's can play havoc with bi-polar and cause lots of rapid-cycling.  Having had a long relationship with zoloft (known to increase suicidal tendencies) I am reluctant to do worse.  With this in mind I thought I would let them get out of my system, keep a daily mood diary and see what happens when I am served up a-la-naturale!~
Today, I am on day two of about the 3rd rung of a 10 rung ladder and feeling great.
I know, bit of a difference and I am aware that  I have about 20 blog posts, 12 patterns and a dozen or so letters to the editor in my head atm.
I baked 2 loaves of banana bread, made 2 dozen muffins, sewed, cleaned, made yoghurt, cooked three lunches, saw doc, went shopping and went to vet today.  I am a bit bouncy (not the freezers Jane) and hyperactive too.

I am going to try and document what I feel, think and do, as a record so if you get car sick, I suggest getting of the funny bus :)



tankgirl said...

Thank you for sharing your journey. You know there are lots of people on your side! Oh, and I could do with a loaf or two while you're in the mood.... ;)

KatinSpace said...

Hi Kell,

Keeping a diary sounds like a really good idea, because I'm sure at either extreme it would be pretty hard to keep track of dates/days etc.

We're on your side!

Love Kat
P.S. Could you send me your email address on Rav or Facestalk or soemthing because I want to send your sling back but can't find your address.