15 September 2008

Alright, well overdue update!

I have been such a slacker at updating the important stuff. Not that I have been sitting twiddling my thumbs though, I have been hard at it!

Since the start of July I have:
** hosted a 6yo birthday party for 8 boys (and N)for the total of $22. I bought balloons and some little tattoos new and the rest was homemade/2nd hand. We made our own pinata and filled it with some sweets and little figurines of history I found in a pack at the opshop. the gift bags I made myself too.

** with tax time I did spend a bit on yarn, however 90% was from destash on ravelry and the other was stuff well below normal price in end of season sales. I do justify this as almost all gifts we give are made with yarn and the rest sewn.

** I treated myself to two books new from the Book depository and these are great pattern books.

I also bought a couple of books 2nd hand on Ebay for patterns too.

So in almost 3 months that is pretty good expenditure I reckon.

I think not buying non essentials is just a way of life around here now. I know that some people will say wool is a non essential but it is that or I go and buy some cheap crappy gift that means very little or I make something I know will be appreciated. it is a no brainer really.
I haven't been setting any new challenges over the last couple of months as I have just been too busy.

I have now completed one course at uni and hold a Diploma in Sustainability, passing with HD and a 98% average mark! :) . One more assignment and I will have a Diploma of Community Development.

Still unsure what to do next year. I have been accepted into UTAS to do either a Batchelor of Social Sciences or Social Welfare but I am unsure which I really want to do. I am also applying at Monash, Deakin and Vic Uni's for various courses. Just have to decide what and where.

Otherwise, all is well on the home front.

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Katanya said...

I'm so jealous of the $22 birthday..thats amazing! well done!